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Defend Labour Members

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Since late 2020, we supported six Labour members in their pursuit of justice after they were left languishing under investigation or administrative suspension for several years without being able to defend themselves.

That case has now come to an end. Regrettably, it was the Labour Party that won the final round of the process in the High Court on 8 July 2021. And it seems that they are now trying to drive the remaining claimants into financial ruin.

In taking legal action, we achieved so much. We forced the party into reinstating four activists without any pre-conditions. The party also backed down by publishing its previously secret ‘Antisemitism Code of Conduct’, which it had been applying to cases since 2018.

You can read more about the specific legal arguments, and what was achieved and what was lost, here.

However, on 12 July 2021, the judge awarded the party £110,000 in costs, to be shared amongst the claimants and to be paid within 21 days. We want to help pay a share of those costs.

The claimants are decent, ordinary people who took a courageous stand in the hope of serving as a ‘test case’ for the entire labour movement. They should not be left bankrupted because they decided to fight for their rights.

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