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Update - Trial Date Set for 17 June 2021

The Labour Party’s disciplinary and investigatory procedures are arbitrary, inconsistent and unfair. This has left many members in the unacceptable position of being denied their rights to participate in the activities of their own Party and to stand for office. We consider this to be a breach of contract, and argue that the Party has violated its requirement to treat members fairly.

We have supported five Labour members in their pursuit of justice after they were left languishing under investigation or administrative suspension for several years without being able to defend themselves.

In February 2021, we assisted Alma Yaniv, Ayfer Orhan, David Watson, Gavin Johnston and Sameh Habeeb to go to court in a bid to have their cases joined with another ongoing court case against the Party. They won that preliminary hearing and recovered their costs, which means we are now supporting one large group claim alongside Labour Activists for Justice. The Party also terminated its investigations into Ayfer, David and Gavin, leaving them with no case to answer.

Alma and Sameh remain suspended and will be going to the full trial against the Party on 17 June 2021. Their victory could set a lasting precedent about the expectations on the Labour Party in respect of how it treats its members. It could also prompt reform of Labour’s existing rules and procedures, resulting in tangible changes that would benefit hundreds of other members subjected to unfair and potentially unlawful disciplinary proceedings.

This case is aimed at ensuring the Party complies with its own rules and procedures, and acts in accordance with the principles of natural justice and due process.

With your solidarity, we can help Labour members get the justice they deserve. Donate today.

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