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£1,330.50 raised
GOAL: £1,500.00

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Please support our urgent appeal on behalf of Esther. She faces the potential threat of bankruptcy and losing her home after being viciously attacked by the Israel Lobby for speaking out against the manufactured Labour ‘anti-semitism crisis’.

Esther, who herself is Jewish, used her online platform to defend left-wing Jews and anti-Zionists falsely accused of anti-semitism. Not long after, vexatious libel claims were brought against her.

She needs the collective strength, support, and solidarity of our movement to help lift her out of this crisis.

Click above to see Chris speaking about the crowdfunder.

Please donate to this crowdfunder to demonstrate, with practical solidarity, that we can fight back against the Israel Lobby.

Solidarity works. Together, let’s prove it. Please donate today.

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