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Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Rossendale borough councillor Pam Bromley – both of whom were named in last year’s EHRC report into alleged ‘antisemitism’ in the Labour Party – are taking on the so-called equalities watchdog.

In its long-delayed and controversial report, the EHRC found in October last year that Ken and Pam had ‘contributed’ to alleged ‘unlawful harassment related to Jewish race and religion’ by the Labour Party.

The EHRC’s findings were based on a flawed legal analysis, which is now unravelling. This judicial review could lead to the report’s worst allegations being entirely discredited.

Our previous legal action against the EHRC resulted in whole pages being deleted from its draft report. 

Now we have the opportunity to get justice for Ken and Pam as well, and to expose the EHRC’s politically motivated report aimed at derailing Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and tarnishing the British Left.

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