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What is the Left Legal Fighting Fund?

Our legal system is being abused by wealthy and powerful people to silence, target and crush activists.

The Left Legal Fighting Fund is leading the fightback. The former Labour MP Chris Williamson established the Fighting Fund from the costs he won after defeating the Labour Party in the High Court in 2019, following his unlawful suspension by the Party at the behest of the Israel lobby.

Since then, we've already defended some of the leading lights of British socialism from lawfare tactics used by the racist Israel lobby, which seeks to criminalise pro-Palestine activism and marginalise black, Muslim and Jewish anti-racism activists. The Fighting Fund has also assisted Black Lives Matter protesters, helping them find pro bono legal representation after harassment and targeting by the police.

Ever since Keir Starmer took over the Labour Party, hundreds more left-wing Labour Party members have been suspended and harassed as he has joined forces with the Jewish Labour Movement to purge the Party.

So, we are bringing a landmark legal claim against the Labour Party on behalf of several members who have been unjustly suspended for years and politically targeted their socialist beliefs through unjustified disciplinary action. 

Our legal action so far has been both proactive and defensive, assisting activists, protesters and whistle-blowers who otherwise would have been left in financial ruin by powerful interest groups. Read our endorsements here to see just how much of a difference your donations can make.

Solidarity works. Together, let’s prove it. Please donate today.