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On 1 October 2021, Professor David Miller was unjustly sacked by the University of Bristol from his position as Professor of Political Sociology for expressing his research-based views on Islamophobia and the role that the Zionist movement plays in encouraging it. In February 2022, after an appeal, Bristol upheld the decision to sack Professor Miller.

The campaign against him has been led by the pro-Israel Community Security Trust which has been aided by a variety of Zionist groups including the Union of Jewish Students, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Zionist Federation and many others.

Professor Miller urgently needs help to:

  • Appeal the decision to sack him from the University of Bristol at an Employment Tribunal, and to take other legal measures as appropriate to hold Bristol accountable for its actions;
  • Take action against defamatory and libellous media commentary;
  • Produce educational material about the organisations responsible for this witch-hunt so that other academics and students around the country can understand it and protect themselves against the Israel lobby.

We now have the opportunity to get justice for Professor Miller, and to expose the Israel lobby’s politically motivated campaign designed to confuse and intimidate the University of Bristol. This is a landmark case. It is unprecedented for a British academic to be sacked simply for expressing his views on Palestine and Zionism, in a personal capacity, outside work.

Don’t let the Israel lobby have a veto on who can teach in our universities and how they do it. Academic freedom is under threat.

Solidarity works. Together, let’s prove it. Please donate today.

Want to use PayPal? Visit our alternative payment page.

Or prefer to donate with a cheque? See here.

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