Donation Problems

We'd like to thank you for your interest in making a donation to the Left Legal Fighting Fund and apologise for any difficulties you may have experienced on our website.

Unfortunately, whilst most payments go through just fine, sometimes the process can glitch. Before contacting us, please check whether any of the below may be of help in resolving the issue.


Did you check the ‘Contribution rules’ box?

In order for a donation to be processed, you must first tick the box under ‘Contribution rules’ when filling in your details.


Did you donate too much or too little?

To prevent spam and other unusual activity, we are unable to accept payments under £1 or over £10,000.


Did you try an alternative payment page?

For all of our ongoing projects, we have alternative payment pages. They can be found here:


Defend Labour Members

Support Ken and Pam


If none of the above resolves your problem, please get in touch on our Contact page or at [email protected]